R.S Parkash Associates has quality as a central element in all products and processes. The Quality philosophy is based around three testing plans: all raw material is fully specified and confirmed by testing before use; products and processes are tested and examined during manufacture and compared to known benchmarks; testing is carried out prior to dispatch to ensure specifications are met. Our processes include:

Pattern Cutting

Every design pattern is carefully drafted in this department and a mock up is made to ensure fit and size.

Clicking and Cutting

Once the pattern and design is approved it moves to the clicking department where the sandal skeleton is cut, which includes the Bottom and the Upper.

Closing or Machining

This department ensures the various parts of the upper are sewn together to make a complete upper.

Lasting and Making

The upper and the bottom are lasted together to complete the sandal.

Finishing and Packing

After each pair is carefully finished it moves to the packaging department where it is packed individually to the client requirement.